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Technical Analysis – EURUSD plummets after US CPI and ECB decision

As US CPI comes hotter than expected EURUSD tumbles After ECB interest rate decision EURUSD continues the fall Where is the next stop for the pair? How did EURUSD reacted after the US CPI release on Wednesday and the ECB interest rate decision on Thursday? EURUSD fell more than 100 pips after the US CPI data Since June 2023, both consumer price index (CPI) and producer prices have been relatively stable without significant changes.

Technical Analysis – GBPUSD outlook worsens after rapid fall

GBPUSD prints new low for this year Bearish continuation is likely below 1.2480-1.2500   GBPUSD suffered a freefall in the face of hotter-than-expected US CPI inflation data on Tuesday and dropped to a new low of 1.2504 on Friday, retracing back to December’s lows and to the bottom of a broader range area. Despite the consolidation phase, the rejection from the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the October 26-March 8 uptrend suggests another bearish wave is likely.

Technical Analysis – USDCAD reaches new 2024 high; could this move continue?

USDCAD trades higher again, tests strong resistance level It is the bulls' first attempt to break above the current trend channel Momentum indicators are mixed with a possible bearish divergence developing USDCAD is trading higher again today, recording its fourth consecutive green candle and reaching a new 5-month high. USDCAD is trying to break decisively above the upward sloping trend channel that has been in place since the start of 2024 and it is now testing the resistance

Technical Analysis – ETHUSD finds support at 50-day SMA

ETHUSD slides after recording 1-month peak But the 50-day SMA curbs its retreat Momentum indicators ease in positive zones ETHUSD (Ethereum) experienced a strong pullback from its 2024 peak of 4,090, dropping to as low as 3,060. This week, the price recorded a fresh one-month high of 3,410 before reversing lower to find solid support at the 50-day simple moving average (SMA).

Technical Analysis – EURGBP’s double bottom still waits for confirmation

EURGBP faces difficulty in completing a double bottom pattern above 0.8579 Technical indicators reflect a lack of bullish momentum    ECB rate decision could generate fresh volatility at 12:15 GMT ECB governor Lagarde holds press conference at 13:45 GMT   EURGBP drifted lower after it got another rejection from November’s resistance trendline and the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of December-February downleg at 0.8579 earlier this week.

Technical Analysis – US 30 index slides below 50-day SMA

US 30 index in bearish mode in very short-term MACD and stochastics indicate negative correction The US 30 cash index has lost its positive momentum after the pullback from the all-time high of 39,985.85, easing beneath the 50-day simple moving average (SMA). In the short-term, the market could retain the range-bound trading as the MACD is falling beneath its trigger and zero lines, while the stochastic posted a bearish crossover.

USDCHF rebounds off 0.9000 and remains bullish MACD crosses above its trigger line Stochastic moves towards overbought area USDCHF surged to a new six-month high of 0.9146 during yesterday's session, extending its bullish structure. The pair is holding well above its short-term simple moving averages (SMAs) and the medium-term ascending trend line.

Technical Analysis – AUDUSD plummets in the US CPI aftermath

AUDUSD drops 1.7% on hotter-than-expected US CPI data Violates both 50- and 200-day SMAs before finding its feet Momentum indicators deteriorate drastically AUDUSD had been in a steady advance since the beginning of April, posting a fresh one-month high of 0.6643 on Tuesday. However, the pair experienced a strong decline and erased all its progress following a stronger-than-expected US inflation report on Wednesday.

Technical Analysis – WTI oil pauses rally but remains supported

WTI oil futures step on 84.69 once again, hold near recent highs Technical indicators show some weakness, but trend signals are positive   WTI oil futures kept their footing on the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the September-December downtrend at 84.69 on Wednesday and closed the day with mild gains at 86.24 after news that Iran may retaliate against Israel’s deadly attack on a diplomatic compound in Damascus.

Technical Analysis – Citigroup stock pulls back ahead of earnings

Citigroup shares post 25-month high in 2024 But experience a setback ahead of Q4 earnings on Friday Short-term oscillators soften in overbought territories Citigroup’s stock has been staging a V-shaped recovery since its 2023 bottom in October, posting consecutive multi-month highs. In the near term, the stock posted a fresh 25-month peak of 63.62 one week ahead of Q1 earnings, but quickly retraced lower due to reaching overbought conditions.

Technical Analysis – AUDCAD rebounds strongly from uptrend line

AUDCAD rallies after hitting uptrend line RSI and MACD detect positive momentum A break above 0.9055 could shift the outlook to clearly bullish But a dip below 0.8810 could invite more bears AUDCAD has been trading in a rally mode since April 2, when it hit support at the near-term uptrend line drawn from the low of September 27. On April 5, the pair emerged above the 0.8930 resistance (now turned into support) zone and looks to be headed towards the key obstacle of 0.9055. Bo

Technical Analysis – EURCHF eases slightly after 1-year peak

EURCHF still stands above rising trend line Technical oscillators indicate negative correction EURCHF has been in an ascending tendency since the end of January, and it posted a fresh almost one-year high of 0.9847 in the preceding week. Currently, the market is on the backfoot with the technical oscillators indicating a bearish retracement.

Technical Analysis – Is CADJPY setting the stage for its next bull run?

CADJPY remains within a range despite hitting new high Upside risks exist above 111.50; bears could take the lead below 110.40 BoC rate decision at 13:45 GMT is the highlight of the Canadian calendar   CADJPY has been trading sideways after touching the 112.00 area, keeping its weak momentum despite reaching a new high of 112.46 last week - the highest level since the beginning of 2008. The market's ability to stay resilient above the 20-day simple moving average (SMA) has b

Technical Analysis – USDJPY flirts with intervention zone

USDJPY trades sideways a tad below 152.00 This level was protected by Japanese authorities in 2022 Momentum indicators approach overbought conditions USDJPY has been in a steady uptrend after finding its feet at the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) in early March. In the near-term, the pair has been trading flat after posting a fresh 34-year high of 151.95, approaching levels that Japanese authorities were willing to protect in the past.

Technical Analysis - EURUSD oscillates within a sideways range

EURUSD trades sideways between 1.0725 and 1.0930 Oscillators confirm the lack of directional momentum A move above 1.0930 may be needed to brighten the outlook EURUSD pulled back on Tuesday, after hitting resistance slightly above the 1.0875 barrier, marked by the high of April 4. In the bigger picture, most of the price action has been contained between 1.0725 and 1.0930 since January 16, suggesting a neutral near-term outlook.

Gold holds within upper Bollinger band range MACD and RSI indicate bearish retracement Gold is attempting to test yesterday's record high of 2,365 again with the technical oscillators holding near their overbought territories. The MACD oscillator is falling beneath its trigger line well above the zero level, while the RSI is ticking slightly lower, remaining beneath the 70 level.

Technical Analysis – NZDUSD bulls show up before RBNZ rate announcement

NZDUSD shows recovery signs ahead of RBNZ decision Resistance near 0.6070; support at 0.6000   NZDUSD entered the week on a positive note as investors awaited to hear the RBNZ’s policy update during Wednesday’s Asian trading hours. The pair stretched Monday’s rebound marginally above the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) to examine the 50% Fibonacci retracement of the October-December downleg at 0.6070. The area has been restricting both upside and downside movements so far t

Technical Analysis – EURJPY rises towards 16-year high

EURJPY rebounds off uptrend line Price holds above SMAs Oscillators indicate more bullish movements EURJPY is climbing higher after the turning point near the medium-term ascending trend line and is moving towards the 16-year high of 165.36. The market has been developing within an uptrend since December 7 with the technical oscillators confirming an upside tendency.

AUDUSD bounces off 200-period SMA RSI suggests some losses AUDUSD created consecutive green days after the bounce off the 0.6550 support level, which overlaps with the 200-period simple moving averages (SMAs) in the 4-hour chart. According to the technical oscillators, the RSI is moving marginally down in the positive region, while the MACD is still extending its bullish structure above its trigger and zero lines.

Technical Analysis – GBPUSD capped by 50-day SMA

GBPUSD trades sideways between parallel SMAs Remains within its medium-term neutral pattern Momentum indicators improve but stay in negative zones GBPUSD experienced a strong decline following its break above the rangebound structure in place since November. Despite the temporary violation of the 200-day simple moving average (SMA), the pair reversed back higher before the 50-day SMA curbed its upside.

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